8 Responses to “Setting”

  1. You did a wonderful job here, using some different kinds of materials and capturing the change in setting nicely.
    Well done
    Mr. Hodgson

  2. benjamin friesen Says:

    great job. one of the best L10 i’ve seen.

  3. I want to work on stop animations with my students. I will use this as an example for them. Your film really tells a short story. It would help me understand a change in setting.

    How long did it take you to work on the whole project?

    Thank you for sharing your work.
    Mrs. Oro

  4. Hi Mrs. Oro,

    Thanks for leaving us a comment! If you do create stop-motion films please consider having a few students submit some to the Longfellow Ten. Our stop-motion project is hoping to get other students involved. So far, it’s us and Mr. Hodgson’s students in Massachusetts. We are also very open to helping out any way we can. So if you have any questions please let us know.

    But I must warn you, if some of your students do end up making an LF10 film, Doc and Mandy may come after them! :) mrmayo

  5. Hi again Mrs. Oro,

    this particular film took one student 3 days after school to create. He used some colored sticks. I’m thinking about going to a craft store today and buying lots of different colored yarn. Yarn may work just as well as the sticks he used, and may even be easier. I think James, the student who made this film, has shown us a new very easy way to create stop-motion films. I’m pretty excited about trying this method again. All you really need is some yarn, poster paper for background, and your imagination. :) mrmayo

  6. mister zero Says:

    Great great stuff! I’m going to see if my class wants to do some movies too!

  7. What a great movie. I love how you made everything move. I thought you were drawing the picture, but it was colored sticks? That must have taken a long time. Thanks for sharing your movie. I wish I could share it with my students!
    Lynn J.

  8. jess-maia Says:

    good job it showed how a setting can change it as awesome

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